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Wills are simple until they aren’t. Good, hardworking people like us want to be actively involved in our life’s direction and write our own story. We don’t want to go with our music still in us.

We want a sense of being part of things and making special things happen. We need to be challenged, and have a feeling that we are steering our ship, instead of just reacting and wondering what happened as life flies by so fast.

We want to play our part, have our chance and be bold enough to build something for our families and community.

We want to have enough and be safe and we don’t want the assets we’ve built up over a lifetime to go to waste. We want them to go to the people we care about and love.

The more we’ve climbed the mountain, the more we’ve seen and maybe accumulated, the more we benefit from writing our story down and making sure our people are looked after. We’re looking forward to capturing that story with you.

And if you’re the one helping a friend or family member after their story is already done, we’re here if you’d like a helping hand to carry out their wishes. Reach out to start working with us now.

What is a Will?

Your Will is a legal document in which you specify many aspects of your Estate Plan, considering guardians for children, designate Beneficiaries, and appoint your Executor, the person who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes when you passed away.

Estate Administration

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