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Simple Will

John wanted to make sure his assets, including superannuation and insurance money went to his children and not his ex-wife. He said that they had already been through that in their property settlement.

His mother had been happy with the Will Clearman Lawyers prepared for her, and John wanted help to prepare his Will before his trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We agreed that there’s no need for Wills to be complicated and hard to understand. They can be clear and simple and get the job done thoughtfully and well.

We sent him our Wills and EPOA Helpful Guide and talked through the important details, including arrangements for his insurance and superannuation monies over a Zoom call. Later that week we sent John a draft Will asking for some further information to finalise his Will and the Enduring Power of Attorney he had asked for.

Once John was happy with the Will he made a time to come in and sit down with us to witness his signatures. He left his original Will in our safe custody and then took the Enduring Power of Attorney to his attorneys to sign before returning it to our office. Reach out to start working with us now.


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