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Enduring Powers of Attorney

Evan’s mother and father weren’t getting any younger so they decided to have Enduring Powers of Attorney drawn up. They carefully chose trusted family and friends to be their Attorneys because being responsible for significant money and health care decisions can be a big job.

Very luckily, their adult children also decided to have Enduring Powers of Attorney prepared because their son Evan lost capacity soon afterwards in an accident and now cannot make new short-term memories. He is in care and has been dependent on his sister Peta to kindly manage his arrangements for the last ten years.

We normally prepare two original Enduring Power of Attorney documents. This is because the Titles Office keeps one original permanently if the Attorney wants to deal with property. This happens for example if someone needs higher care and the family home is sold to raise funds for aged care assistance.

Once we’re discussed some of the most important items including choosing suitable attorneys we prepare the documents. After clients come in to have their signatures witnessed, they take the documents to have the attorneys sign and then return the Enduring Power of Attorney for us to hold in safe custody. Reach out to start working with us now.

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