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Going it alone in business, without a strong team around us is possible but why would you? It takes much longer to build up momentum and it’s much less enjoyable. Reinventing the wheel each time we run into problems is old technology. Connecting with a broad community of businesspeople, who’ve all been there and help each other every day, is like turning the lights on. At Clearman Lawyers we really believe in connecting excellent business owners with each other to get unstuck and move up to the next level.

Our group of business people have collectively tried hundreds of different solutions to challenges and business situations including cash-flow management, investing and trading in the markets, property development, business and SMSF accounting, banking and lending, debt recovery, insurance, product pricing, staff, quality management, marketing, sales, business development and coaching, web-development, SEO, property sales and management, asset protection and Wills and Estate planning.

We’ll connect you with good people we know and trust and who’ve impressed us over the years with the quality of their character and their work. They all have a giving mindset and will be happy to take good care of you, your family and your colleagues and friends.

You could let them know that Clearman Lawyers recommended them and maybe they’ll return the favour for us one day. If one of these professions or trades can help you, please contact us by telephone, message or email and we’ll be happy to arrange an introduction for you:


Professions and Trades

Building, Electrical Contractor
Business Coach
Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial Finance
Employment Lawyer
Family Lawyer
Finance broker
Financial Planner
Health & Wellness – Modere
Human Resources Consultant
Insurance broker
IT Consulting
Mobile Mechanic
Personal Injury Lawyer
Photocopying and printing equipment
Property rental management
Quality Consultant
Recruitment Consultant
Residential Electrician
Residential Real Estate
Safety Consultant
Search Engine Optimisation
Security Doors, Windows and screens
Social Media Marketing
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Uniform Apparel & Promotional Merchandise
Travel Agent
Web Development

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